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Single Source of the truth

Mash up data easily from multiple data sources and tap into a single source of the truth for intuitive data discovery.

Business Analytics

Giving power to executives to slice/dice, create exceptions, present insights making data analysis an intuitive process.


Empowering information workers to become self-sufficient by designing and deploying their own analytical reports giving access to critical data.

Intuitive user experience

Dashboards picturing a holistic view of what is happening in your business, is the first step to making smart business decisions.


A single web interface and point of governance to manage your data.


Allowing professionals with access to their data and advanced bussiness intelligence capabilities while on the go.


Embedding the power to connect with colleagues into every level of the decision making process.


Automatically suggesting to business users where insights can be found, while presenting that information in visual, clearly understandable terms.

Data discovery & visualisation

Providing an information architecture, that will enable the analyst to discover trends by using graphic visual representations of information(infographics) to present complex information quickly and clearly in a ‘bussiness story’ every bussiness person can understand.

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